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Google Chrome “Font wasn’t found” Malware Scam” – that’s cool, I don’t need that font anyway.

  Recently a Google Chrome scam has been observed that can infect a computer with crafty malware. This scam called “Font wasn’t found” involves malware that changes website text into missing objects in order to appear as if the font is missing from the website.This fake font update is hosted on compromised websites that contain outdated security patches or plugins. Upon visiting a compromised site, a “HoeflerText font wasn’t found” popup message appears intending to trick the user into downloading a font file, disguised as a browser update. Compromised websites are hotspots for hosting malware that waits for unsuspecting website
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5 ways to tell if your computer is infected with malware

Slow performance Have you noticed if it takes longer than normal for your computer to boot up to the desktop? Once you’re logged in are you waiting too long for your programs to startup? More than likely you have some form of malware on your machine. Malware has the tendency to slow down your system, applications and overall functionality of the PC. If you do notice something like this and you are not using any resource-heavy programs or applications, keep in mind It could also be a lack of memory available, a fragmented system, lack of space on your hard drive or
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