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The worst passwords of 2015

According to Splash Data’s yearly “Worst passwords list” here are the most common passwords used in 2015: Rank      Password            Change from 2013 1              123456                 No Change 2              password            No Change 3              12345                  Up 17 4              12345678            Down 1 5              qwerty                 Down 1 6              123456789           No Change 7              1234                      Up 9 8              baseball               New 9              dragon            
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Up Your Password Game

Let’s be honest, how many of you reading this article currently uses a password containing variations of a relatives name, pets name, your address or even the word “password”. At this time I am encouraging you to change your password to something stronger. This article will encourage you to change your password to something that will make you feel more secure about your accounts (work or personal). Using a strong password can prevent someone from hacking into your account using password attack methods such as brute force or social engineering. Once a malicious actor (what we call hackers / attackers
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