Get your two-step (verification) on

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Two step verification or Two-factor authentication (2FA), is an additional layer of protection beyond your password.  It decreases the risk of a hacker accessing your online accounts by combining your password (something you know) with a second factor such as a cell phone or tablet (something you own). Thankfully, a majority of the world’s commonly accessed websites have made 2FA readily available. It is highly recommended to use this feature but it’s up to you to activate it within your online account settings. With the recent breach that involved Yahoo and now McDonalds, turning on Two-factor authentication has never been more important.

2FA site with categories


Two Factor Auth is a great resource to help you get your two step on. The websites that support 2FA (and the sites that currently do not) are listed in categories such as Banking, Cloud computing, Social and email just to name a few. Each category is further broken down to display what type of two factor authentication is used.

Different types of 2FA methods also provides a way to ask a webmaster to consider using 2FA with a clever email, Twitter or Facebook button labelled “Tell them to support 2FA.” Aside from entering your username and password into your respective site, 2FA (when enabled) can deliver a security code to you via SMS (txt), a phone call, email or with the use of a hardware/ software token. The type of 2FA delivery method is determined by the security direction of business.

Sites without 2FA

Overall, two factor authentication has many benefits. It’s free, it enables improved security, reduces data theft but most importantly it protects your identity which is priceless. Using will give you a better visual of what sites go the extra mile to help you protect your online identity. So Take advantage and get your two step on.